You’ve cherry picked all the images. You’re shooting for free. You’ve daydreamed of quitting your 9-5 to work for yourself with freedom and outrageously loyal clients.

You’ve fantasized about the income you could make if you just started. But the thought of starting a business makes you physically nauseous. 

You’ve been wanting to scale your photography business for quite some time now.

let me guess

1. Discovering and leveraging  your unique strengths  to stand out in a saturated market.

2. What if you had an exact step-by-step roadmap to launch your lucrative
photography business in less than 4 months?

3. What would it mean if you knew how to magnetically attract your dream clients through ethical marketing?

4. How different you would feel to build the most unique and authentic brand experience that resulted in referrals and more bookings?

5. What would it feel like to have your very own show-stopping, converting website that books your calendar with your dream clients?

6. How much confidence would you have if you crafted your very own, beautiful brand identity that reflected your unique business?

imagine this...

coaching calls

Our twice monthly 60-minutes calls are where we really get to dig deep about business and your upcoming goals. Together, we'll devise a plan for your business through challenges, homework, and tasks to move the needle in your business in big ways! Calls are recorded.

Online course

Done-for-you templates

I've got you, sis! Everything from email templates, a welcome guide template, and Facebook ad templates, you'll be all set and ready to rock with your new business brand and identity! You'll also receive a 50% discount code to purchase my ShowIt Website templates. 



6-month photographers business course

In tandem with our group coaching, you'll have access to the online L2L course which will anchor your work and tasks in your business. We'll cover everything from design to SEO, and website to social media in the pre-recorded lessons that you can take at your own pace.

Launch     Livelihood

-Kimi D

"Taylor is an amazing business coach who helps you grow in so many ways! She will meet you right where you are at and come along side you to encourage and educate you to become the best you can be for yourself and your business! If you are on the fence about doing business coaching this is an amazing course and I highly recommend Taylor. She I so gifted in the way she brings other women together to encourage and empower ourselves and each other to be the best we can be! I'm so happy I did this course!"

"This course challenged me in such a way that weeks later, I feel more confident and empowered in my approach to growing and maintaining my business."

Wearing all the hats, working your 9-5, wondering if in another life you would have bit the bullet and just launched your business. I see your fears, I know that imposter syndrome troll that shows up. I know you’re sifting through all your images and wondering if in just another year you’ll be “good enough” for this.

I feel your pain when you look at other photographers and wonder how they make it look so “easy”. I know you think there isn’t room for you. But I’m here to shut that down real fast and say…


I see you over there

you are truly made for this.

The first steps in our journey together will be dedicated to discovery. Discovering your strengths, your priorities, your values, what makes you tick, and what brings you joy. Together, we’ll translate these discoveries into your business in order to hone in on your ideal client who shares similar attributes and values.

This will arguably be the most challenging but defining section as it revolves around self-discovery and the critical role it will play in your business. We will talk about the hard topics, invite others in, and dig deep to create a solid foundation that you’re proud to build your business on.

module one

Discovering your “why” will provide you with a reliable compass to turn to when you encounter the challenging decisions and the defining moments involved with your business.


Building on the foundation we laid in the discovery section, our emphasis on design will go far beyond the actual look of your business. While your business’s brand identity, marketing materials, and website design are each critical in their own rights, they’re only one of the several pillars we will cover in this chapter.

Design encompasses not only the look of your business, but the feel. What is your client experience like? How will your ideal clients find you based on the design of your business? How will you convey what your core values are in each element of your business?

module two

Why will people come back to you for years to support your business? How does your financial plan come into play for your photography pricing? Furthermore, what does the design of your own dream life look like and how does your business fit into it?


Together, based on your ideal client, we’ll design an inviting space on your website to encourage engagement and bookings from your ideal client. This lesson will be one of the most important as it is the invitation to your clients into the “living room” of your business.

In our modern world, marketing is becoming both easier and harder simultaneously. It’s easier because you simply need to show up and be yourself; it’s harder because you simply need to show up and be yourself. People don’t hire businesses anymore; they hire people. Here we will also dive into the power of social media and leveraging everything we’ve worked on up to this point in order to convey that in your brand. I’ll teach you the most critical lessons and actionable steps involved in turning your followers into loyal and paying clients.

module three

It’s here that we will also work to reveal your story and beautifully weave it with your talent in order to ensure you’re working with the clients that are going to inspire you to grow.


As we progress, we’ll dive into how to handle your workflow so you can focus on shooting and creating stunning images, and immerse ourselves into the actual execution of marketing and social media strategies, the role of your branding in your business, and the details of your client experience.

Your relentless drive, careful nurturing, and unbridled passion will fuel your business to places you’ve never imagined. Our final weeks will be focused on growth and setting your business up for sustainable and fulfilling success.

We’ll cover the importance of goal setting, habit development, and setting your intentions for your business and financial growth. We will zero in on the importance of implementing tools for exponential growth, and we’ll discuss ways you can set yourself up for sustainable success and financial freedom by transforming your client experience.

module four

When our coaching time is finished, rest assured that you’ll never be in this business alone. I’ll continue to be your personal cheerleader, celebrating in your wins and supporting you in your trials and tribulations long after our Launch to Livelihood course has completed.



You get both! You'll have access to the entire L2L online course to watch on your own time. All lessons include worksheets, challenges, and done for you templates.

Our group calls will be twice a month on Wednesdays and last 60- minutes. This is where we come together to chat about struggles, questions, and the lesson you have just completed. Calls will be recorded to listen at your convenience if you can't make the live group coaching call

We will also be hosting an in person retreat in 2023 that all L2L alumni and current students will be invited to.

This exciting journey starts March 1, 2023! The course videos and worksheets will be ready for you to access and begin your journey as soon as you're welcomed into the course.

You can expect to receive all the content and lessons immediately. If you're anything like me you'll want to watch them all in one night. But in the also likely chance you want to pace yourself, you can go that route as well. 

Twice a month we will have a group call either with Taylor or one of the guest speakers. There will also be calls with L2L alumni students who are doing the thing and running their businesses!

When does the course start?


I truly believe the reason my own business has been successful is because of the authenticity in my desire to help. I'm not offering this course to fill it with fluff and make a quick buck. I'm offering this course because I have a genuine, heartfelt desire to help you succeed, and I'm teaching you everything I believe will be critical to you finding that success.

To put your mind at ease, if this course isn't the best fit for you, I offer a 14-day money back guarantee.


As Marie Forleo so perfectly states:

"Trust that little voice in your head that says wouldn't it be great if... and then do it."

You will never be completely ready for anything in life. If you're here reading this, then I can already tell you that you're ready. You've taken the first step in pursuing your dream simply by acknowledging that it exists and it isn't getting any quieter. 

Think about your life and yourself one year from now. Imagine what it will look like. Now try five years. And now ten years. Will you regret not taking this next step today?


While I wish I could give you an exact answer of how much income you can expect to make after our time together, I would be doing you a disservice.

See, once you implement what you've learned from this course and have set your mind to growing your photography business, you create your own ceiling to break. If you want to quit your six-figure corporate job, you'll have all the tools and confidence you need to do so. If your dream is to work less to leave more time for your family, then you can condense your hours and maximize your income.


I believe in this course so much that I want it to be as accessible to you as possible. So the answer is yes! Of course we have payment options. You are more than welcome to pay in one single payment for maximum savings, or you can spread it out over six months if that suits your budget better.

If racking up those travel miles on your credit card is your cup of tea, you're welcome to pay with a credit card. If you're feeling nostalgic and want to send a love note and check, that works as well! We want this to be easy-peasy-lemon-squeezy for you.

Want to see the

custom website templates?


ethereal alpine


peachy clean

This adventurous and engaging theme was designed for the wild at heart in mind. Thrill seekers will be elated when they find your website!

If clean and bold are your idea of a good brand, then you've met your match with Peachy Clean! This theme was created for the organized and passionate photographer.


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Just like the fruit that makes everyone happy, this colorful, bold, and memorable theme is the website that makes everyone happy!


rather kind

This luxury, high end yet outrageously engaging website was created for the designer and minimalist at heart.

launch to livelihood

starting March 1, 2023


6 monthly payments

SAVE $400 for the first 20 students to reserve their spot


SAVE $400 for the first 20 students who sign up

one time payment



launch to livelihood

starting March 1, 2023


6 monthly payments

SAVE $400 for the first 20 students to reserve their spot


SAVE $400 for the first 20 students who sign up

one time payment



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