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This course was created for the photographer who is ready to level up her business to the next level! This online course includes pre-recorded lessons for you to watch at your own pace, done-for-you design templates, emails, community, discounted website templates, and more.

It's in this course you'll define your niche market, discover your unique gifts outside of the camera, create your unforgettable client experience, build your indelible brand identity, and learn what it takes step-by-step to launch your lucrative photography business. 

We'll cover everything from SEO to blogging, social media and marketing, how to find new clients and what to do with your contract.

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After the 2020 pandemic, Taylor realized that she had done something very different with her photography business. During a time when photographers were shutting down business and returning deposits, Taylor exceeded her six-figure financial goal during the pandemic. 

After attending and hosting over a thousand photo shoots, she realized that she had created an unforgettable client experience, especially at her sessions. This course was designed for the photographer who is ready to scale and build a loyal client base, all while learning everything you need to know about posing couples and hosting an emotional and creative photo shoot with couples. 

This course is ready to geek out on today and to learn at your own speed!

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“Taylor is the most authentic, genuine, and wonderful person. She is setting the standard for how we should treat one another, run legit businesses, how to treat our clients, and is making the world a better place because of that.”

-Kelsey B.

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